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Code   Subject Description
ACC Accounting
AFC Africology & African Amer Stu
AGIN Aging Studies
ANTH Anthropology
ATM Apparel & Textile Merchandsng
AMUS Applied Music
ARTE Art Education
ARTH Art History
ARTS Art Studio
AHPR Associated Health Professions
ASTR Astronomy
ATTR Athletic Training
ATHL Athletics
SPAI Autism Spectrum Disorders
AVT Aviation Technology
BIO Biology
BIOT Biology for Teachers
BMMT Bus, Mgmnt & Mrktg Technology
BEDU Business Education
CTWE Career, Technical&Workforce Ed
CHEM Chemistry
CHL Children's Literature
CHNE Chinese
CLAS Classical Languages
CLSC Clinical Laboratory Science
CLRA Clinical Research Admin
CASI College Arts & Sciences
COB College of Business Genl Stds
COT College of Technology
CMT Communication Technology
CAE Computer Aided Engineering
CET Computer Engineering Technolog
COSC Computer Science
CNST Construction Management
COUN Counseling
CSIE Creative Scientific Inquiry Ex
CRTW Creative Writing
CRM Criminology
CTAA CTA Activities
CTAC CTA Communication
CTAO CTA Interpretation/Performance
CTAT CTA Telecommunications & Film
CTAR CTA Theatre & Educatnl Drama
CLMS Cultural Museum Studies
CURR Curriculum
DANC Dance
DS Decision Science
DTC Dietetics
DOTS Distribution Ops&Tech Sales
ECE Early Childhood Education
ESSC Earth System Science
ECON Economics
EDLD Educational Leadership
EDMT Educational Media & Technology
EDPS Educational Psychology
EDST Educational Studies
ELEC Electronics
EM Engineering Management
ET Engineering Technology
ENGL English
ESLN English as a Second Language
ENVI Environmentl Science & Society
FETE Field Experience Teacher Ed
FIN Finance
FLAN Foreign Language/Bicult Stds
FRNH French
GEOG Geography
GERN German
IHHS Health & Human Servcs Intrdspl
HLAD Health Administration
HLED Health Education
HPHP Health Promotion & Human Perf
GHPR Historic Preservation
HIST History
HSEM Homeland Security & Emerg Mgmt
HNRS Honors
HRM Hotel & Restaurant Mgmt
IA Information Assurance
IS Information Systems
IMC Integrated Marketing Communic
IDE Interior Design
IB International Business
JPNE Japanese
JRNL Journalism
LNGE Language
LATN Latin
LEAD Leadership
LEGL Legal Assisting
LING Linguistics
LITR Literature
MGMT Management
MKTG Marketing
MATH Mathematics
MET Mechanical Engineering Technol
MSL Military Science & Leadership
MUSC Music
NURS Nursing
OCTH Occupational Therapy
OM Operations Management
ORPR Orthotics & Prosthetics
PHIL Philosophy
PHED Physical Education
PEGN Physical Education General
PSCI Physical Science
PAS Physician Assistant
PHY Physics
PLSC Political Science
PC Polymer & Coating
PRCT Praticum
PDD Product Design & Development
PSY Psychology
QUAL Quality
RDNG Reading
RECR Recreation
REE Renewable Energy
SET School of Engineering Tech
SSC School of Staff & Command
STS School of Technology Studies
SAG Simulation, Animation & Gaming
SOFD Social Foundations
SWRK Social Work
SOCL Sociology
SPNH Spanish
SPCI Special Ed Cognitive Impairmnt
SPHI Special Educ Deaf/Hearg Imprd
SPEI Special Educ Emotionally Imprd
SPGN Special Educ General
SPLI Special Educ Learning Imprd
SPSI Special Educ Speech/Lang Imprd
SMGT Sport Management
SPMD Sports Medicine
EDUC Student Teaching
SABR Study Abroad
SCM Supply Chain Management
TSLN Teaching Second Language
TEDU Technology Education
TM Technology Management
TS Technology Studies
THRC Therapeutic Recreation Program
UNIV University Studies
URP Urban and Regional Planning
URED Urban Education
WGST Women's and Gender Studies
WRTG Writing
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